Cyclopark is home to a fantastic 330 metre national standard race track.

We have a range of top level coaches and local clubs on offer, bringing you a first class experience and a range of sessions to suit all abilities.

To ride our BMX track you will need to take part in an induction so that we can be sure that you have a complete understanding of the track. You can then take part in our coached sessions. 


***  PLEASE NOTE, independent riding of the BMX track is not permitted ***
  *** Track access is only available during coached/supervised sessions ***




If you are using your own BMX please note that the bike must be in good working order and does not have stunt pegs. Please be aware that the coach has the right to refuse access to the session should the bike not be in good working order.


  • A Full Face Helmet
  • Long fingered gloves must be worn during the session.
  • Long sleeve tops
  • Long trousers must be worn
  • Suitable footwear for the activity.

Intermediate sessions

Days: Thursday evening

Time: 5:30pm-7pm 

Call reception to book!


Expert sessions

Days: Thursday evening

Time: 7pm-9pm 

Call reception to book!


How to take part

1. Induction 

All riders must complete an induction to determine what level of coaching they require.

2. Novice

Learn basic skills on a BMX that will allow you to ride the whole track.

3. Beginner

 An introduction to BMX racing techniques.

4. Intermediate

Practice and master BMX racing techniques and skills.

5. Expert

Gain knowledge and experience the pro sections of the BMX track.



Club Cyclopark is a cycling club based here at the Cyclopark. The club's mission is to promote all disciplines of cycling and to help their members ride to the very best of their ability. 

To book an induction, contact: Club Cyclopark Cycling Club 

Saturday morning coaching takes place 10am-12 noon.

Wednesday evenings are supervised BMX session for club members. You don’t need to attend the Saturday sessions, but you do need current Club membership via RiderHQ, and ensure you have completed an appropriate induction.



Rock up and Ride! TNT is a year round BMX club, available exclusively at Cyclopark for individuals and families every Tuesday. 

Inductions for new riders is required by appointment. Visit the dedicated Facebook page for regular updates: TNT Facebook page

Session 1 - Beginners and Intermediate Riders 5:30pm-7pm

Session 1 - Beginners and Intermediate Riders 7pm-9pm