Road Circuits

The Road Circuit offers a smooth tarmac circuit; 2.9 kilometres long and 6 metres wide. Throughout the year the track is used for a range of events:


  • Cycling races
  • Coaching sessions
  • Training rides
  • General fitness cycling
  • Skating 
  • Running (exclusive use for members only)


The circuit can be separated into a number of smaller circuits so whatever the activity or ability, everybody can perfect their skills.

Don't have a bike or unable to bring it with you? Don't worry! Here at Cyclopark we offer bike hire all week long! No need to book just hire from reception!


Bike Hire available: 

Monday - Friday Weekends
10AM - 8PM 9AM - 5PM



Please call reception in advance to check track availability.





Track availability 

*Please be aware the information given is a rough idea of when public sessions take place. The calendar does change each week due to bookings. For  an updated availability check, please give reception a call.

Opening Times 
Reason for closures 
Monday 10am - 9pm     Small closures on Circuit E throughout the morning
Tuesday 10am - 7pm  Small closures on Circuit E throughout the morning
Wednesday 10am - 5:30pm 

Medway Tri on the circuit 5:30pm - 7pm

Race Training 7pm - 9pm

Thursday 10am - 6pm  Summer Series 6pm-9pm
Friday 10am - 6pm  Spring in the Park 6pm-9pm (During summer) 
Saturday Track usually closed to the public Events; Please call to check track availability
Sunday  Track Open to the public 9am-6pm  Please call beforehand to check track availability



Summer 2019

  • 2.5km Road circuit
  • 6km Mountain bike trails
  • Family bike hire

No need to book, just hire at reception!